Display advertising has latent impact on consumer behaviour

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 @ 05:04 AM
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comScore, Inc a leader in measuring the digital world, announced the release of a report entitled “How Online Advertising Works: Whither the Click in Europe?” that highlights the latent view-through impact of online advertising based on numerous advertising effectiveness studies conducted across European markets.The report, based on results from nearly 20 studies conducted by comScore in Europe, revealed that those exposed to online ad campaigns in Europe were 72 percent more likely to visit the advertiser’s website and 94 percent more likely to conduct a trademark search query on the advertiser’s brand, compared to a control group of similar Internet users who were not exposed to the campaigns. These results were observed despite minimal clicks on the ads in the various campaigns.

“These results help illustrate how online advertising works. Despite the long-held obsession with using clicks to measure campaign performance – which reflect only the immediate impact of an ad — the comScore studies demonstrate that the Internet is clearly effective as a latent brand-building medium,” added Mr. Shaw. “Europeans appear to be particularly receptive to online advertising, and whether it’s due to better creative, less ad clutter, or greater receptivity to online ads, the implication for brand advertisers is clear: ignore online as a brand-building channel at your own peril.”

Find out more about this report on display advertising impact.  (March 2010)

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