Online advertising is the fastest growing media channel in New Zealand. Even during times when most businesses were cutting back their spending, online advertising grew by over 10%. You can no longer ignore online advertising as a viable medium to sell your products or services because it works!

 We’re here to help you with your online advertising – whether you are just starting out and need to learn the basics or are simply after a great web banner for the best price – we can help.

Learn about advertising online

New to online advertising? Then begin with our free Guide to Advertising Online, which will explain the basics in a simple step-by-step format:

  • Learn how web banners can benefit your business
  • Tips to create the most effective web banners
  • Discover how to plan an online campaign
  • Find out how to measure your banner’s success

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Free web banner templates

Still testing the waters with your online advertising?Then help yourself to our free web banner templates, add your text and start promoting your products or services online.We’ll be adding new templates on a regular basis.Go to the FREE web banner templates >>>

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Be sure to check out our blog all about online advertising and web banners.The blog includes interesting trends and statistics plus you’ll find inspiration for your next banner with our regular BannerWatch posts.You can subscribe to the blog via email or use our RSS feed.Start reading our blog here >>>